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Become a Friend of Group Acorde

Make a difference in each season and create an impact on what the company can accomplish!

Festival Sponsor-$250

This company friend will ensure that Group Acorde can apply for at least 4 festivals during the year. Each application has a cost, and it is really important to keep applying for festivals in Houston and beyond to showcase the talents of the company!


Class Sponsor-$300

This company friend will pay for all artists fees for Group Acorde’s unique dance classes for the community, a mix of ballet and company repertoire accompanied by live music! These classes have already reached over 75 people in the Houston community and are offered on a “pay what you can” basis.

Artists Flights-$600

This company friend will help pay for the necessary flights and travel costs for the company artists to travel to performance and festival locations.  This is an important component of the company’s mission to bring arts to communities that may not have access to live performance art.  

Operational Sponsor-$850

This company friend will help cover the yearly operational costs of our organization that are many and ever growing!


Showcase Sponsor-$950

This company friend will cover artists fees for performances during the year, giving the company the chance to say yes to one or two additional collaborations that might come it’s way!


Production Sponsor-$1650

This company friend will cover some of the cost to rent a small theater for a full evening length production.

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