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     Group Acorde CAME TO LIFE with the desire of two contemporary dancers and two jazz improvisational musicians to be a group that truly collaborates in all aspects of the creation process. The company strives to produce high quality work combining original music and contemporary dance choreography, where all artists conceptualize the works from beginning to end.

    Its MISSION is to cultivate and educate diverse audiences through live, thought-provoking, original and affordable performance collaborations between contemporary dance and experimental music.  The company broadens its reach through community partnerships that aim to include and engage people from all walks of life through education, dialogue and accessibility.   


      ACORDE, a Portuguese word, means "wake up" and also means "chord". The definition of chord in the English language is “a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously” which reflects the collaborative spirit on which Group Acorde was created.


The Company


Roberta Paixão Cortes  |  President

Lindsey McGill  |  Secretary & Treasurer
André Amaral
Carla Korbes



Photography by Lynn Lane

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