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All works by Group Acorde are original collaborations between experimentation music and contemporary dance and all self produced full evening length shows or events have highlighted the work of an additional collaborator. Past artists that have worked with the company include Brazilian visual artist Andre Amaral, Texas composer Andrew Leinhard, Texas choreographer Jennifer Mabus, Israeli choreographer Anat Grigorio, New York based photographer Christopher Peddecord, Texas based choreographer Spencer Gavin Hering and New York based composer/pianist Robert Boston.


As part of the company community outreach and engagement program, Group Acorde has partnered with numerous organizations participating in conversations, dance festivals, and site specific performance opportunities and continues strengthening its mission to educate and cultivate audiences with all self produced events being followed by Q & A sessions. Past events , site specific performances and dance festivals include Rice University, Nicole Longnecker Gallery, SPA HEB Prelude series, Barnstorm Dance Fest, The Theorists Festival, Eats Meets West, The First Texas Latino(a) Contemporary Dance Festival, Summer Extravadance, to name a few.

Reach out to us if you would like to partner with our organization for performance opportunities and audiences engagement.

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